Sunday, March 28, 2010

Iconica Series One - Character Checklist

I recently received a request from an Iconica player (Thanks Wayne!) to post a checklist for Iconica Series One Charcter Cards. I thought "Hey, now that's a pretty good idea." So, here it is.

Iconica Series One (Prelude Series)

#001 - Featherune Sentinel - Comes with Starter Set
#002 - Karkalan DreadnautComes with Starter Set
#003 - Silentwood Hunter - Comes with Starter Set
#004 - Featherune Bow Maiden - Comes with Starter Set
#005 - Shadowhand Agent - Comes with Starter Set
#006 - Northern Rim Ranger - Comes with Starter Set
#007 - Kril AssassinComes with Prelude book exclusively
#008 - Araylian Pathfinder - Available individually
#009 - Phaedran Sentinel - Available individually
#010 - Vanmark Nightwatcher - Available individually
#011 - Black Door Shrieve - Available individually
#012 - Symetran Songsayer - Available individually
#013 - Drakhan Raider - Available individually
#014 - Sanctum Knight - In development
#015 - Greystalk Vaygr Slayer Available individually
#016 - Karmethian Chemist - Available individually
#017 - Blue Hollow Avenir - Available individually
#018 - Vanessian Paragon - In development
#019 - Lunaen Masquer - Available individually
#020 - Ithilian Cipher - In development
#021 - Hirojan Brew Master - In development
#022 - Thornholde Sentinel - In development
#023 - Tanglewood Survivalist - In development

Four characters are due to be put into circulation within the next two weeks so watch for updates to this list. Can't wait to share!

Safe travels!

Monday, March 15, 2010



The past two weeks have been buzzing with questions, orders, and interest over Iconica. I want to sincerely express my gratitude to Jonathan Liu for such a favorable review of Iconica. (I'm finally a GeekDad! My wife always knew though.)

Developing Iconica is one of the most fun and satisfying projects I work on as a creative. Its progress is supported by players who love the indie-gaming experience and want to spend time exploring content with soul.

While I maintain a clear vision for Iconica's growth, I welcome suggestions and feedback from the gaming community. In fact, one upcoming character - the Brew Master - is based on a recommendation offered up by an Iconica player! It was a great suggestion because it fit into the lore and culture of Rynaga. I can't wait to share more about how this character was created.

I'm thankful for all of the questions, accolades, and support I've been receiving. Just know this is only the beginning!

-Safe travels

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Preview - New Iconica Cards

I'm getting ready to release three new Iconica cards so I thought I'd post a preview featuring the new characters. This post may answer some of your initial questions about the cards, but be sure to email me if you have more questions. These three cards are due for release this April.


Masquers are celebrated performers of Sarion lore. Often found traveling with theatrical productions, the Masquer is a passionate story-teller, exquisite dancer and skilled acrobat. Masquers have a talent for mesmerizing their audiences, leaving onlookers in a state of wonderment that is not easily broken.


The Lunaen Masquer possesses Clarity and Evasion, making her resistant to Blind and Stun. She also has a Parry tile for blocking damage and a Reaction tile that deals 10 damage back to any attacker. While she is a Disruptive Class character, she is capable of healing herself to a small degree.

Action Style

Look for this Masquer to deal out lots of Status Effects, primarily Confusion. She also has the ability to use Actions from opposing characters. If you want a character that will complicate your opponents decisions, she's the one.


Raiders work on the fringe of Sarion lands. Much of their time is spent harassing traveling merchants in search of valuable goods and resources to loot. They abduct dignitaries, politicians and members of royalty whenever they can. Raiders are in the business of holding others for ransom and business is booming.


Raiders are masters of Evasion. In fact seven of their 17 Health Meter tiles are geared towards avoiding Stun. In addition, Raiders have a Reaction damage potential of 50 points.

Action Style

The Drakhan Raider is well-suited to dealing out damage and has an ability that removes negative status effects from his allies. He also has an Action called "Ransom" which prevents three opposing characters from using any #6 Actions until they roll doubles.


The misty region known as Greystalk is home to a high concentration of Vaygr; powerful, intelligent, and carnivorous beasts that consistently threaten Sarion citizens. Hunters of this realm specialize in suppressing the Vaygr threat. Without Slayers, Sarion towns would be overrun with these beasts.


The Vaygr Slayer is a survivor. He has a good amount of health and uses Parry tiles to block incoming damage. He also carries an herb called Lilander with him, which comes in handy for healing.

Action Style

The more damage this Slayer receives, the more damage he is capable of delivering. His Actions are geared towards endurance and adaptability throughout all stages of the game. He may not deal great amounts of damage early on, but he's a great game closer.

I'm excited about these new cards and I can't wait to share more with you in the coming weeks.

-Safe travels