Sunday, January 31, 2010

Finding Your Way on Rynaga

Early in the creation of the Rynaga project, I knew it would be much easier to tell stories if I created maps. I mean, I guess it's not necessary, but it sure makes things seem more real.

As a child, I remember reading books like the Lord of the Rings and Wizard of Oz during summer months. The best part about these stories were the maps. I was actually able to follow a story from beginning to end and get a sense for the length of a journey.

So, if you're interested in hiking across Rynaga, make sure you don't get caught without a map. The locations on these maps are featured in the books and games I create. They'll also serve as reference points for future projects I'm developing.

Southwestern City States of Veratar
Realms of Western Veratar

-Safe travels

World of Rynaga Website

So I've been learning tons more about CSS, which has confirmed how much I don't know about the new ways of writing HTML. Onward and upward.

Today is all about organizing myself to start "operating" on my Website over at This blog will keep you guys up to date on how things are going with that. (Blogger is so easy to use. I should have done this much sooner.)

I plan to set up a store on Etsy as well. Look for that very shortly, as in the next several days. Just need to take some photos.

-Safe travels

Saturday, January 30, 2010

I'm Climbing the CSS Mountain

Today I'm taking some CSS tutorials on I cut my teeth on print work, but having mastered that for the most part, I'm really trying to brush up on my knowledge of CSS and HTML.

While my heart is in illustration and writing, keeping up with HTML and CSS is vital to my success as a designer. If I want to create great things interactively, I have to make sure I'm in control of the code.