Monday, August 29, 2011

Arcan Rand


Featherune, Veratar

It’s not too often that things go according to plan for me, so when they do I try to savor it. I suspected that by spending some time in the local ruse hall I’d be bound run into Arcan, who is a regular ruse player himself. Well, I was right.

While Arcan and I have mutual friends and had been told of each other through Solan, we had never met. While sitting waiting to catch a game, I heard doors closing and a jolly voice say “Hail Arcan, how are you tonight?” Looking up I saw a weathered young man standing with a wry smile, greeting his friends throughout the warmly lit hall. He walked with a confident stride up to the bartender, his hunting bow, krysknife and arrows all in place.

Taking care not to interrupt his conversation with the barkeep, I walked up and introduced myself. To my surprise Arcan shook my shoulder (a common greeting here) vigorously and said “Ah yes Eric, it’s great to finally meet you! Come, let’s have drink and share our travels of late!”

After an hour of talking about political affairs in eastern Veratar and recent affairs in Featherune, the subject of Solan came up. Arcan spoke of traveling with Solan, his accomplishments and their final words before Solan’s disappearance. Then Arcan asked plainly, “So what are your thoughts? Do you think our friend Solan to be dead?” “I don’t know. Yet, it does seem most likely at this point.” I said.

Arcan paused and looked at me intently. “Come to my house tomorrow. There is something I need to show you with regard to Solan. Something which may offer hope for our missing friend.”


Monday, August 22, 2011



Featherune, Veratar

Avys, Grimora and I arrived in Featherune yesterday after a grueling trip, made challenging by flooded roads, stray boulders and more rain.

When the locals caught sight of Avys they showered him with welcoming gestures and requests to see what treasures he had for sale. Eager to open his local shop for business, Avys and I parted ways after a final meal together so he could tend to his customers.

Featherune is a beautiful city with much history. It's one of the original Sidrani settlements to reach Veratar and has grown into a thriving metropolis, exporting hunting equipment, rare textiles and it's own locally produced medicines.

Sentinels guard every entrance, exit and fortification, ever alert for signs of trouble. While the days of Sarion incursions into these lands are long gone, there's always the stray wild beast, drunk warrior or band of thieves to deal with.

As for me, I'm going to start my search for Arcan, a local hunter, adventurer and former friend of Solan. My guess is if I hang around the Ruse Hall long enough, he'll show up.


Monday, August 15, 2011

The Vyrgan Merchant


Road to Featherune City, Veratar

I’m on the road to Featherune after several days held up in Strata due to poor weather. For this next leg of my journey I’m joined by Avys, a Vyrgan pathfinder turned merchant who works in western Veratar this time of year.

I met Avys at the Hearths Hill Inn and after learning we were both on the path to Featherune we decided to join up for the road. Avys works as a bowyer of sorts, dealing mostly in rare carapid shells, barbs and blades from the desert lands for arrow making. With the Bow Maiden academies in Featherune, I’m not surprised he finds lucrative business opportunities there.

I find the Vyrga people to be the most amazing race on this planet. They’re quick to speak, but never long to get to the point. They’re ultra-alert and seem to have a knack for judging character. Their snappy neck movements and flickering dark eyes hint at their keen metabolisms and agility.

So far, Grimora has been a good sport about the amount of trudging through mud and debris we’ve been faced with. Floods came down into the Strata valley and surrounding landscape with quite a fury, making the main roadway to Featherune a chore to traverse.

We’re well-stocked with food and supplies for our trip, yet if the need arises I’m sure Avys’ skill with bows will come in handy at dinner time.


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Here Comes the Rain, Again


Strata, Veratar

Don't think I forgot about my weekly post. I've been holding out in Strata for a few days now without many messenger options. I thought I'd avoid soggy weather by taking this road over the river road, but it was not to be. Rain, more rain and even some flooding which is a rare thing in this valley.

Grimora's been stabled. I'm sitting waiting for some food at an inn called Hearths Hill. I'm noticing how the rain seems to fall a bit more slowly to the ground here. Coming from Phoenix, AZ, the rain dumps fast and that's it. In some regions throughout Veratar, raindrops seem to hang in the air just before hitting the ground, which I'm told is evidence of underground radia deposits.

My food arrives. Roasted torko, cayl beans and grilled spring root. It's pretty hearty eating. I mean, cayl beans are dense and about the size of your palm, so you only two or three. They taste like potatoes. Spring root is tender like a broccoli stalk and packed with protein.

As for torko, it's a turtle-like creature found in abundance on the ocean shores due west of Strata. Don't get me wrong, it takes some getting used to. A couple of hours after eating a torko fillet, your tongue goes a little numb. (Anthony Bourdain would have field day with this stuff.)

Well, gotta eat now. I'm hoping to be on the road again within the next few days. Safe travels to you.


Monday, August 8, 2011 Launches

It's been a long time coming right? Right. Well, the day has come. We have an official website. Now the real work begins: populating the site with valuable content!

Here are some things you'll notice about our new site:

We Have Our Own Shop

We plan to keep our Etsy site running as well, but there's nothing like having your own custom shopping cart solution.

We will no longer be offering Iconica card singles on our shop, as most people prefer to buy Iconica sets. Single card sales where a option we offered early in Iconica's history while we were producing cards a few at a time. We no longer need to do this.

Note: Please know that if you need to purchase individual cards you can contact us and we'll take care of you!

Iconica Rules Have Been Upgraded

Version 5.0 of the Iconica Rules are our best effort yet.
  1. Content has been streamlined, but still remains descriptive.
  2. We've added more strategy with a new standard rule for Action Rolls. This is a big change that's easy to understand and makes a great game even better. (Testing was very well-received!)
  3. Clarifications have been made to answer common questions before they're asked!

We're building an encyclopedia for RPG gamers, Iconica players and avid visitors of Rynaga. It's no Websters, but over time it will grow into a very comprehensive collection of lore and interesting facts. Hey, to get where we want to go, we need to capture this kind of information!

Other features of the site include a Resources section which will house general reference material for Iconica and other content for download. You can read about how Rynaga came to be and where we are going in the About section. And our News category will keep you up to date on coming events.

Thanks to all of you for your patience and support over the past months. We hope you're as excited about this milestone in our small history as we are.


Monday, August 1, 2011

"The Road Goes Ever On and On"


Valley Road to Strata, Veratar

There are three main roads leading to Featherune from Phaedra: the valley road (leads to Strata then on to Featherune), the Selwyn River road or the Featherune Netherway (an underground roadway). As it happens, the Netherway was closed due north for seasonal maintenance and the river road makes for a rainy path this time of year. So, I went with the valley road.

"Farewell! Stick to the road traveler," said a dutiful Sentinel as I left the outskirts of Phaedra. "This side of the Selwyn is the safest in Veratar, but don't take chances." So, I stick to the road. If my math is right (most times it isn't) I should be about 20 miles from the township of Strata and 80 miles from Featherune.

Who's with me on this leg of my journey you ask? Just Grimora. Grimora is a Quenan Igwaza mount I aquired from a stable outside of Phaedra. She's a beauty. Sleek, fast and well-tempered. Her calm nature hides a powerful bite and her intelligence rivals that of the smartest animals on Earth.

Traveling this road is no new task for me. When I began surveying the lands of Veratar (6 years ago) this was one of the first regions I visited. The Phaedran gatekeeper is right. This part of Veratar is exceptionally safe. Bandits are unheard of. Wild beasts are harmless. The weather is calm and cool.

With the stars above and a clear path ahead us even the darkest night on this road holds no nightmares for Grimora and I.


The Missing Man


Phaedra, Veratar

Every where I go here I'm hailed as "The Human." "Hail Human! Where are you off to today? What news of your world? Where have you been?" The questions are never-ending. I tell them of our struggles on Earth. The beauty of our planet. The horrors mankind exact upon each other. They listen with concerned faces.

"Yes, dark days seem to be a theme on your world and ours," says a Sidrani man as he washes the caryn fruit I'm purchasing at his small store. "Humanity sound as aggressive and internally divided as these Sarion are," referring of course to the Sarion empire in the east. "They would run us all off these lands if they could. Thankfully they cannot. Yet."

The man is right. For now, the Sarion empire is no match for several thousand towering Kirzan fighters and the focused will of the Protectorate. Ahhh. Enough of that talk.

My journeys involve another concern. His name is Solan - also known around here as the "Missing Man." You might remember him from the events of Prelude. It's been about four years since he went missing in the Shrinking Depths. Vanished. Since then a handful of explorers have tried to find him. Three never came back. Another lost his mind before he could start the journey.

Regardless, the Missing Man story is now the number one subject of rumor and myth. (He'd be a "trending topic" here if the people of Rynaga used Twitter.) I have a list of people who traveled with or knew Solan personally. I've made plans to seek out each of these people and see how the events surrounding Solan's disappearance have affected them.

The first road I take is north to Featherune. I'm looking for a man named Arcan, a former aid to Solan on his travels. He's made quite a name for himself as a hunter and news of his adventures has reached the most popular taverns here in Phaedra. I hear he's a skilled Ruse player as well.

Hmmm. A worthy opponent perhaps?


World of Rynaga Travelogue

Life between two worlds (Reality and Rynaga) means lots of travel. As many of you know, I've been traveling back and forth between these two worlds for about five years now, bringing back various artifacts to share with fellow readers, gamers and collectors.
In short, this ongoing series of posts will help frame future content set within Rynaga. I'm currently working on book one of an illustrated trilogy of narrated stories. It's a gargantuan project to be sure, but one we think will be very special and well-received because we're really paying attention to doing things right!
In addition to the stories found in our books though, I think ongoing concise posts about these travels are a great way to demonstrate how real Rynaga is to us. I'm committed to posting at least once a week on Mondays, if not on Fridays too. Always feel free to ask questions!
Over time, I hope you'll share your own experiences on Rynaga too. Just remember: When you set foot outside your door, there's no telling where you can end up! Safe travels.