Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Here Comes the Rain, Again


Strata, Veratar

Don't think I forgot about my weekly post. I've been holding out in Strata for a few days now without many messenger options. I thought I'd avoid soggy weather by taking this road over the river road, but it was not to be. Rain, more rain and even some flooding which is a rare thing in this valley.

Grimora's been stabled. I'm sitting waiting for some food at an inn called Hearths Hill. I'm noticing how the rain seems to fall a bit more slowly to the ground here. Coming from Phoenix, AZ, the rain dumps fast and that's it. In some regions throughout Veratar, raindrops seem to hang in the air just before hitting the ground, which I'm told is evidence of underground radia deposits.

My food arrives. Roasted torko, cayl beans and grilled spring root. It's pretty hearty eating. I mean, cayl beans are dense and about the size of your palm, so you only two or three. They taste like potatoes. Spring root is tender like a broccoli stalk and packed with protein.

As for torko, it's a turtle-like creature found in abundance on the ocean shores due west of Strata. Don't get me wrong, it takes some getting used to. A couple of hours after eating a torko fillet, your tongue goes a little numb. (Anthony Bourdain would have field day with this stuff.)

Well, gotta eat now. I'm hoping to be on the road again within the next few days. Safe travels to you.


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