Friday, September 3, 2010

Iconica Series One Box Set Goes to the Vault

Heads up!

I have a total of 6 Iconica Series One Box Sets left at my Etsy Shop. That's it. Once these six are sold (or November 3, 2010 rolls around), this item will not be available for sale.

If any sets are left on November 3, they'll be transferred to a stone vault hidden in the Superstition Mountains, along with other treasured relics of my past: the Lost Dutchman's gold, a radio-flyer wagon, beat-up crime-fighting suit and a giant ball of foil I made one summer.

Oh, and a ray gun I found in Sedona. Trust me, that thing should never fall into the wrong hands.


Iconica Series One Box Sets are sold out online. I will, on occasion, release small quantities of these sets in person and online, so check back.

-Safe Travels!

What's Going On?

Yup, that's the question I've been getting from you guys and I'm here to say: lots!

The thing is, I have several projects in the works currently for Rynaga. Here they are in no particular order:

A New Book - While I have no release date yet, progress on a series of books is going nicely. I'll have a preview soon.

Iconica Series Two - Anyone who knows me, knows I use the Arizona summers for development time, mostly cause it's hot outside and that's about the only reason I need to stay indoors and work on stuff! Anyhoo, the next series of Iconica cards is simmering away. Look for a late fall release.

Other Surprises - I'm not ready to announce three other projects I have in the works quite yet, but let's just say I'm in talks with a software developer, web content strategist and a musician. Hmmmmmm.

-Safe Travels!