Friday, September 3, 2010

What's Going On?

Yup, that's the question I've been getting from you guys and I'm here to say: lots!

The thing is, I have several projects in the works currently for Rynaga. Here they are in no particular order:

A New Book - While I have no release date yet, progress on a series of books is going nicely. I'll have a preview soon.

Iconica Series Two - Anyone who knows me, knows I use the Arizona summers for development time, mostly cause it's hot outside and that's about the only reason I need to stay indoors and work on stuff! Anyhoo, the next series of Iconica cards is simmering away. Look for a late fall release.

Other Surprises - I'm not ready to announce three other projects I have in the works quite yet, but let's just say I'm in talks with a software developer, web content strategist and a musician. Hmmmmmm.

-Safe Travels!


  1. Sounds like exciting stuff is on the horizon!

  2. @Jay - Heheheh. I think so. It's all about timing and making things great. I try not to hype things up too much, but I'm excited about stuff!