Monday, May 31, 2010

Thanks Everyone!

I want to sincerely thank everyone who came out and visited our booth at Phoenix Comicon. My wife and I had a great time meeting everyone. (Thanks Matt and Teresa!)

I absolutely could not have pulled off everything without the help of Adrian, Kirk, Jenny and Larissa. Thanks so much you guys, can't wait till next year!

We received a bunch of questions at the con this year and I thought I would address a few general ones here.

When will the Iconica Boxed Set be released?

The plan is to release the boxed set at Red Hot Robot on June 19th. So far, everything is going according to plan! The boxed set will feature the complete Prelude Series. Each card in the series will still be available individually.

When will I be able to purchase the Cipher and Paragon on your Etsy Shop?

I'll offer these on my Etsy Shop sometime during the week of June 1st. (I thought I would have those posted today, but I need a little down time from the Con with my family.)

Will you be selling prints on your Etsy Shop?

Yes. I'll be adding prints to my Etsy site shortly, as in the next several days.

As for the next few days, I have unpacking from the Con to do, Etsy orders to ship and organizing to do for our upcoming show on Saturday the 19th.

-Safe travels!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Phoenix Comicon 2010

Phoenix Comicon 2010 has arrived and I'm looking forward to another fun event, meeting new people, artists and friends of Rynaga.  I hope you'll plan on stopping by for a visit.

The World of Rynaga table will be located in the Small Press area again this year. I'll have books, prints and Iconica game sets on hand. I'll also be releasing two new Iconica cards and limited edition prints.

See you there!

Announcing Iconica Series Two

I wanted to take a few moments to outline my plans for Iconica Series Two, which will be called the Sanctum Series. 

Wrapping up the Prelude Series

The first series of Iconica game cards was named after my first book, Prelude. This is because several of the characters in this series are referred to in my book. The book also served as an introduction to the World of Rynaga, while Iconica was created to be a way for players to experience the people and places of this world while having a social experience.

The Iconica Prelude Series is due to wrap up this summer with a new Sentinel and two Special character types: the Brew Master and a mystery character that's not being announced just yet.

In the end this series will have 22 cards in all. It's completion will mark a milestone in the Rynaga project and I'll be celebrating by offering a boxed set which will include ALL of the cards in series one. Heck, I'll probably raise a pint or two in celebration as well!

Setting the stage for Series Two

As is outlined in the rules for Iconica, the Sarion are an antagonist race on Rynaga. They're busy working on a project they call Legion. The details of this project are not fully known, however, evidence concerning the purpose of the Legion initiative points to a sinister plot.

In view of this, a large group of Sarion citizens turn against their own government. They forfeit their citizenship and vow never to support Sarion tyranny. Led by a group of courageous leaders, a mass exodus takes place and thousands of rebels leave Sarion held lands, seeking asylum with the Protectorate. 

At first, the members of the Protectorate hesitate to welcome these rebel Sarion. They do not fully trust their motives. As a show of solidarity and rebirth as a people, the Sarion rebels name themselves Saraja, which means "a people remade." The Saraja eventually gain not only the support of the Protectorate peoples, but their respect as well.

After a long journey, the Saraja settle themselves and begin work on their first city, called Sanctum. From here, they begin living in harmony with the native races of Rynaga while defending those in need of protection, healing and respite from oppression.

Iconica Sanctum Series

Series Two will be characterized by several Sanctum characters and thus will be referred to as the Sanctum Series.

Some of the characters in this collection will include Knights, Dyads (not Dryads), Haladrons and Apothecarys. I'll have more information on these new characters later. 

The important thing to note is this: Sanctum will be a new Faction. Yup. Instead of three factions, Protectorate, Legion and Independent, there will now be four. The Sanctum faction may be partnered with Protectorate or Independent characters, but not Legion characters. Again, more information will follow.

Full speed ahead

By Phoenix Comicon 2011, I'd like to be finishing the Sanctum series and preparing to start the third. I'm so thankful for all the support Iconica has received so far. My goal is to continue creating an enjoyable fantasy-themed, indie-gaming experience that exists in it's own category, set apart from the norm yet approachable.

As for the future, I've raised the anchor, opened the sails and I've got my hands on the helm. Iconica is sailing full speed ahead on open waters with a clear direction. I hope you'll continue the journey with me. 

-Safe travels!

Iconica Series One - UPDATED Checklist

I've made some adjustments to the previous checklist I posted for Iconica. The reason I've changed the lineup a bit has to do with how series two will be themed. I'll have more info on this in my next post. 

The update to series one means there will be eight Protectorate characters, eight Legion characters and six Independent characters. 

Here's the new lineup for series one:

Iconica Series One (Prelude Series)

#001 - Featherune Sentinel - Comes with Starter Set
#002 - Karkalan DreadnautComes with Starter Set
#003 - Silentwood HunterComes with Starter Set
#004 - Featherune Bow MaidenComes with Starter Set
#005 - Shadowhand AgentComes with Starter Set
#006 - Northern Rim RangerComes with Starter Set
#007 - Kril Assassin -
Available individually
#008 - Araylian Pathfinder - Available individually
#009 - Phaedran SentinelAvailable individually
#010 - Vanmark NightwatcherAvailable individually
#011 - Black Door ShrieveAvailable individually
#012 - Symetran SongsayerAvailable individually
#013 - Drakhan RaiderAvailable individually
#014 - Thornholde Sentinel - In development
#015 - Greystalk Vaygr SlayerAvailable individually
#016 - Karmethian ChemistAvailable individually
#017 - Blue Hollow AvenirAvailable individually
#018 - Vanessian Paragon -
Available individually
#019 - Lunaen MasquerAvailable individually
#020 - Ithilian Cipher -
Available individually
#021 - Hirojan Brew Master - In development
#022 - ??? - In development 

The Paragon and Cipher will debut at Phoenix Comicon this year! Stop by, introduce yourself and take a look at the new additions. (These two new cards will be available at my Etsy shop starting 5/31/10.)

The Thornholde Sentinel, Brew Master and Mystery card (#22) will be released within the next few weeks. Once they're released, it's on to series two.

Safe travels!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Iconica Game Night

I'm excited to announce the beginning of an ongoing series of Iconica gaming events, called Iconica Game Night. I'll be partnering with several local establishments around the valley to deliver what I hope to be a fun experience for us.

For those who may not know, Iconica is an indie card game featuring characters from the World of Rynaga, a fictional world of my own creation.

I had the privilege of being featured on's GeekDad Blog. Take a look at this review of the game on Here's an interview I did as well for Wired.

"I can't overemphasize how impressed I am with the quality of the game, both the appearance and the actual gameplay." 
-Jonathan Liu, GeekDad Blog/

How Game Night Works
Meet me at the location announced. Grab a treat, take a seat and challenge me to a quick game of Iconica. (We'll each choose one character and face off against each other.) If you defeat me, you'll win a unique Iconica character card. If I win, that's when I practice my diabolical laugh: Muahahahahahhaha! It's all in good fun, and hey, you'll still win something for playing. 

Are you game?

First Stop: Blueberry Deluxe

Jessica at Blueberry Deluxe Boutique is a friend I made through Etsy. Her shop features vintage clothing, art and accessories. She named her shop after her Pug Blueberry.

So here's the address:

Blueberry Deluxe
702 W. Montecito
Phoenix, AZ 85013

I'll be there on Thursday, May 20, 2010 from 7:00pm to 9:00pm. We'll have homemade treats on hand as well as cool summertime drinks. I'll have books, prints and Iconica game sets available too.

Over the coming days I'll be announcing new locations, dates and times. In the end, Iconica is really about bringing people together. I look forward to sharing some time with you. Thanks for your support!

-Safe travels!