Monday, May 31, 2010

Thanks Everyone!

I want to sincerely thank everyone who came out and visited our booth at Phoenix Comicon. My wife and I had a great time meeting everyone. (Thanks Matt and Teresa!)

I absolutely could not have pulled off everything without the help of Adrian, Kirk, Jenny and Larissa. Thanks so much you guys, can't wait till next year!

We received a bunch of questions at the con this year and I thought I would address a few general ones here.

When will the Iconica Boxed Set be released?

The plan is to release the boxed set at Red Hot Robot on June 19th. So far, everything is going according to plan! The boxed set will feature the complete Prelude Series. Each card in the series will still be available individually.

When will I be able to purchase the Cipher and Paragon on your Etsy Shop?

I'll offer these on my Etsy Shop sometime during the week of June 1st. (I thought I would have those posted today, but I need a little down time from the Con with my family.)

Will you be selling prints on your Etsy Shop?

Yes. I'll be adding prints to my Etsy site shortly, as in the next several days.

As for the next few days, I have unpacking from the Con to do, Etsy orders to ship and organizing to do for our upcoming show on Saturday the 19th.

-Safe travels!


  1. Will the box set be available online and how much will it be

  2. @Daniel - Hey there. Yes, the boxed set will be available online. Pricing will be announced soon, as I am still working out the details.


  3. It was nice meeting you this weekend. My girlfriend and I have already played and game and we both love it! Hopefully I'll be able to provide some competition at red hot robot. See you then!


  4. @Wishbone - Hello! I'm glad to have met the both of you and it's great to hear you're enjoying the game as well!

    As for competition - I'm currently undefeated, unless you count the times I've lost to new players (such as yourself), my son, my wife or that cupcake. (Hey, it had sprinkles ok. Very distracting.)

    Anyhoo, I look forward to challenging you! Take care.


  5. Mr. Torres, I challenge you to a duel of cards!!
    Ahem, seriously though, how are you going to have enough time to play against all of the contenders at the Red Hot Robot Game day?
    Will you be simplifying things in any way?

    Let me know, I want to have a solid strategy when I show up :)

  6. @Fabien - I have a plan. I'll be playing people using a Special card. People can challenge me with any card they choose. However, we'll be playing one card against one card, Showdown style as we call it! Sound good?


  7. Sounds good to me!

    Is this special card a new release then? ^_^

  8. @Fabien - Yes, it's a new release!