Sunday, June 20, 2010

Iconica - Series One Box Set

Well after about a year and a couple months, series one of Iconica is all wrapped up. The new Iconica Box Set represents a milestone for the game and I'm very thankful for all the support you guys have provided. It's been great touring the town playing games and getting your feedback.

So what's next? Well we're playing Iconica, testing new card types, planning for series two and creating new characters.

We'll also be planning more Iconica Game Nights, coming to the east valley soon.

I'll also be releasing more new prints such as this new Wildcard print, based on art from the Iconica Wildcard character.

-Safe travels!


  1. It's really cool seeing all of the cards together. Is it surprising to you to look back and realize all of the work you've done for the game already? I'm looking forward to series 2!

  2. So... The boxed set includes 22 cards. I'm assuming that means every character except the Kril Assassin, which comes with the Prelude book, correct?

  3. @Eric - It feels pretty great to see all of the content together, I must say. But there is so much more to come! Thanks for your support Eric!

  4. @Steenbock - The Kril Assassin no longer comes with Prelude. That was a temporary promotion. Now the Assassin is available individually or with the Box Set. Thanks!

  5. D'oh... I just ordered the boxed set and talked myself into getting the book at the same time so I'd have all the cards, and save on the shipping expenses... Oh well, I was going to order it eventually, now I'll just get to enjoy it that much sooner!