Sunday, May 23, 2010

Announcing Iconica Series Two

I wanted to take a few moments to outline my plans for Iconica Series Two, which will be called the Sanctum Series. 

Wrapping up the Prelude Series

The first series of Iconica game cards was named after my first book, Prelude. This is because several of the characters in this series are referred to in my book. The book also served as an introduction to the World of Rynaga, while Iconica was created to be a way for players to experience the people and places of this world while having a social experience.

The Iconica Prelude Series is due to wrap up this summer with a new Sentinel and two Special character types: the Brew Master and a mystery character that's not being announced just yet.

In the end this series will have 22 cards in all. It's completion will mark a milestone in the Rynaga project and I'll be celebrating by offering a boxed set which will include ALL of the cards in series one. Heck, I'll probably raise a pint or two in celebration as well!

Setting the stage for Series Two

As is outlined in the rules for Iconica, the Sarion are an antagonist race on Rynaga. They're busy working on a project they call Legion. The details of this project are not fully known, however, evidence concerning the purpose of the Legion initiative points to a sinister plot.

In view of this, a large group of Sarion citizens turn against their own government. They forfeit their citizenship and vow never to support Sarion tyranny. Led by a group of courageous leaders, a mass exodus takes place and thousands of rebels leave Sarion held lands, seeking asylum with the Protectorate. 

At first, the members of the Protectorate hesitate to welcome these rebel Sarion. They do not fully trust their motives. As a show of solidarity and rebirth as a people, the Sarion rebels name themselves Saraja, which means "a people remade." The Saraja eventually gain not only the support of the Protectorate peoples, but their respect as well.

After a long journey, the Saraja settle themselves and begin work on their first city, called Sanctum. From here, they begin living in harmony with the native races of Rynaga while defending those in need of protection, healing and respite from oppression.

Iconica Sanctum Series

Series Two will be characterized by several Sanctum characters and thus will be referred to as the Sanctum Series.

Some of the characters in this collection will include Knights, Dyads (not Dryads), Haladrons and Apothecarys. I'll have more information on these new characters later. 

The important thing to note is this: Sanctum will be a new Faction. Yup. Instead of three factions, Protectorate, Legion and Independent, there will now be four. The Sanctum faction may be partnered with Protectorate or Independent characters, but not Legion characters. Again, more information will follow.

Full speed ahead

By Phoenix Comicon 2011, I'd like to be finishing the Sanctum series and preparing to start the third. I'm so thankful for all the support Iconica has received so far. My goal is to continue creating an enjoyable fantasy-themed, indie-gaming experience that exists in it's own category, set apart from the norm yet approachable.

As for the future, I've raised the anchor, opened the sails and I've got my hands on the helm. Iconica is sailing full speed ahead on open waters with a clear direction. I hope you'll continue the journey with me. 

-Safe travels!


  1. Sounds fantastic! I can't wait to see the new artwork. It was your art that drew me into this game, and the new elements sound like they have potential to be great. Out of curiosity, what's your favorite character art so far? I'm a toss up between the Lunaen Masquer and the Phaedran Sentinel.


  2. Just my luck!
    I just bought up all the cards I could (plus that fantastic book!) on Etsy, and now I hear there is going to be a boxed set for sale at the end of the season... Drat!
    Ah well, I know better now to temper my impulses for the next Series.
    Any chance the box will be a single item on Etsy so I can wrap up my collection so Far with your fantastic art work?

  3. @Eric Alloway - Thanks for the kind words. As far as my favorite goes, I'll always have a soft spot for the Featherune Sentinel and Nightwatcher characters.

  4. @Scott - No worries. The boxed set will simply be a way for players to purchase all of series one at once on my shop. All of the cards will still be available individually. It will be awhile before I can print a custom box or anything terribly fancy, you know? Let me know if you have more questions. I'll be writing a blog post on the boxed set soon.

  5. Thanks for your support guys! I'm here because of you.