Sunday, May 23, 2010

Iconica Series One - UPDATED Checklist

I've made some adjustments to the previous checklist I posted for Iconica. The reason I've changed the lineup a bit has to do with how series two will be themed. I'll have more info on this in my next post. 

The update to series one means there will be eight Protectorate characters, eight Legion characters and six Independent characters. 

Here's the new lineup for series one:

Iconica Series One (Prelude Series)

#001 - Featherune Sentinel - Comes with Starter Set
#002 - Karkalan DreadnautComes with Starter Set
#003 - Silentwood HunterComes with Starter Set
#004 - Featherune Bow MaidenComes with Starter Set
#005 - Shadowhand AgentComes with Starter Set
#006 - Northern Rim RangerComes with Starter Set
#007 - Kril Assassin -
Available individually
#008 - Araylian Pathfinder - Available individually
#009 - Phaedran SentinelAvailable individually
#010 - Vanmark NightwatcherAvailable individually
#011 - Black Door ShrieveAvailable individually
#012 - Symetran SongsayerAvailable individually
#013 - Drakhan RaiderAvailable individually
#014 - Thornholde Sentinel - In development
#015 - Greystalk Vaygr SlayerAvailable individually
#016 - Karmethian ChemistAvailable individually
#017 - Blue Hollow AvenirAvailable individually
#018 - Vanessian Paragon -
Available individually
#019 - Lunaen MasquerAvailable individually
#020 - Ithilian Cipher -
Available individually
#021 - Hirojan Brew Master - In development
#022 - ??? - In development 

The Paragon and Cipher will debut at Phoenix Comicon this year! Stop by, introduce yourself and take a look at the new additions. (These two new cards will be available at my Etsy shop starting 5/31/10.)

The Thornholde Sentinel, Brew Master and Mystery card (#22) will be released within the next few weeks. Once they're released, it's on to series two.

Safe travels!


  1. Will the Paragon and Cipher be available through the web store?

  2. @Gamethyme - Yes! These will be available on May 31st. I'll give a shout out on this site when they become available that day. Thanks!