Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Here are some brief updates on things we're working on:

World of Rynaga - Book 2

The next book set within this fictional world is currently in development. I don't have a release date quite yet, but it's slated for Q4 2010. More information to come!

Iconica - Series 2

Our small development team is currently working on plans for Iconica Series 2, which includes analyzing the current state of the game, reviewing what we've learned and considering player feedback. Things are coming along nicely.

I've been concepting new characters and giving attention to the different peoples and cultures of Rynaga. The RPG element is growing for this project and I want to make sure that continues.

We're planning on a late summer release for Iconica Series 2. I'll post a preview of the next installment of the game here on my blog soon.


I've been redesigning this website for several months now and plans are in place for a relaunch. Incorporating space for news updates from Rynaga, RPG content, a store, explorable maps and other elements make this a pretty hefty project. This is something I am planning to be done with by Fall 2010.

-Safe travels!

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