Monday, August 15, 2011

The Vyrgan Merchant


Road to Featherune City, Veratar

I’m on the road to Featherune after several days held up in Strata due to poor weather. For this next leg of my journey I’m joined by Avys, a Vyrgan pathfinder turned merchant who works in western Veratar this time of year.

I met Avys at the Hearths Hill Inn and after learning we were both on the path to Featherune we decided to join up for the road. Avys works as a bowyer of sorts, dealing mostly in rare carapid shells, barbs and blades from the desert lands for arrow making. With the Bow Maiden academies in Featherune, I’m not surprised he finds lucrative business opportunities there.

I find the Vyrga people to be the most amazing race on this planet. They’re quick to speak, but never long to get to the point. They’re ultra-alert and seem to have a knack for judging character. Their snappy neck movements and flickering dark eyes hint at their keen metabolisms and agility.

So far, Grimora has been a good sport about the amount of trudging through mud and debris we’ve been faced with. Floods came down into the Strata valley and surrounding landscape with quite a fury, making the main roadway to Featherune a chore to traverse.

We’re well-stocked with food and supplies for our trip, yet if the need arises I’m sure Avys’ skill with bows will come in handy at dinner time.


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