Monday, August 22, 2011



Featherune, Veratar

Avys, Grimora and I arrived in Featherune yesterday after a grueling trip, made challenging by flooded roads, stray boulders and more rain.

When the locals caught sight of Avys they showered him with welcoming gestures and requests to see what treasures he had for sale. Eager to open his local shop for business, Avys and I parted ways after a final meal together so he could tend to his customers.

Featherune is a beautiful city with much history. It's one of the original Sidrani settlements to reach Veratar and has grown into a thriving metropolis, exporting hunting equipment, rare textiles and it's own locally produced medicines.

Sentinels guard every entrance, exit and fortification, ever alert for signs of trouble. While the days of Sarion incursions into these lands are long gone, there's always the stray wild beast, drunk warrior or band of thieves to deal with.

As for me, I'm going to start my search for Arcan, a local hunter, adventurer and former friend of Solan. My guess is if I hang around the Ruse Hall long enough, he'll show up.


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