Monday, August 29, 2011

Arcan Rand


Featherune, Veratar

It’s not too often that things go according to plan for me, so when they do I try to savor it. I suspected that by spending some time in the local ruse hall I’d be bound run into Arcan, who is a regular ruse player himself. Well, I was right.

While Arcan and I have mutual friends and had been told of each other through Solan, we had never met. While sitting waiting to catch a game, I heard doors closing and a jolly voice say “Hail Arcan, how are you tonight?” Looking up I saw a weathered young man standing with a wry smile, greeting his friends throughout the warmly lit hall. He walked with a confident stride up to the bartender, his hunting bow, krysknife and arrows all in place.

Taking care not to interrupt his conversation with the barkeep, I walked up and introduced myself. To my surprise Arcan shook my shoulder (a common greeting here) vigorously and said “Ah yes Eric, it’s great to finally meet you! Come, let’s have drink and share our travels of late!”

After an hour of talking about political affairs in eastern Veratar and recent affairs in Featherune, the subject of Solan came up. Arcan spoke of traveling with Solan, his accomplishments and their final words before Solan’s disappearance. Then Arcan asked plainly, “So what are your thoughts? Do you think our friend Solan to be dead?” “I don’t know. Yet, it does seem most likely at this point.” I said.

Arcan paused and looked at me intently. “Come to my house tomorrow. There is something I need to show you with regard to Solan. Something which may offer hope for our missing friend.”


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