Monday, August 1, 2011

"The Road Goes Ever On and On"


Valley Road to Strata, Veratar

There are three main roads leading to Featherune from Phaedra: the valley road (leads to Strata then on to Featherune), the Selwyn River road or the Featherune Netherway (an underground roadway). As it happens, the Netherway was closed due north for seasonal maintenance and the river road makes for a rainy path this time of year. So, I went with the valley road.

"Farewell! Stick to the road traveler," said a dutiful Sentinel as I left the outskirts of Phaedra. "This side of the Selwyn is the safest in Veratar, but don't take chances." So, I stick to the road. If my math is right (most times it isn't) I should be about 20 miles from the township of Strata and 80 miles from Featherune.

Who's with me on this leg of my journey you ask? Just Grimora. Grimora is a Quenan Igwaza mount I aquired from a stable outside of Phaedra. She's a beauty. Sleek, fast and well-tempered. Her calm nature hides a powerful bite and her intelligence rivals that of the smartest animals on Earth.

Traveling this road is no new task for me. When I began surveying the lands of Veratar (6 years ago) this was one of the first regions I visited. The Phaedran gatekeeper is right. This part of Veratar is exceptionally safe. Bandits are unheard of. Wild beasts are harmless. The weather is calm and cool.

With the stars above and a clear path ahead us even the darkest night on this road holds no nightmares for Grimora and I.


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