Sunday, February 7, 2010

Iconica Update

Ok, the Iconica 2-Player Starter set is available on my store now. Next is to get all of the individual Iconica cards up on Etsy as well.

I've had some questions lately about Iconica:
  1. "Are you still creating cards?" - Yes, definitely. The Iconica project has only just begun. Being an indie creator gives me great control over my content, yet sometimes this means longer development times. I'm trying to be smart about which cards are released and when. This has an impact on game balancing.
  2. "When can we expect new cards?" - Three new cards will be released within the next 60 days. I'll give you a preview on my blog here very shortly.
  3. "How many cards are there in the first series of Iconica cards?" - The first series of Iconica cards, called "Prelude," just like my book, contains 21 cards in all. This series will wrap up at Phoenix Comicon in May. There might be some other Iconica surprises at the Con, so save the date if you can!
Here's some more Iconica game images. Let me know if you have more questions!


  1. Absolutely love the design work on this. Is this going to be available in the UK?

  2. I really like the concept, as well as the look and feel of your game immensely.

    However, I would like to wait until I can get all cards (or at least the complete first arc) in one comprehensive set. Any plans to release something like this?

    Also, Etsy is definitely a cool place but seeing as I'm based in Europe, shipping costs are far from negligible. Any plans to distribute your game through other channels as well?

    Keep up the good job. ;)

  3. Is the Songsayer considered a Bard?

  4. @Gamethyme - The Songsayer is kinda like a Bard, but not quite. There is a Bard archetype in the works though, although I'd describe him as more of a Bard/Thief.

  5. A follow-up (two months later):

    The Karkalan Dreadnaut does +20 damage with Action #4. Will he do that additional +20 to the Songsayer?

  6. @Gamethyme - Nope. The Bard is a completely different profession. So it's 40 damage with the Dreadnauts #4 action, but no additional damage to Songsayers. Thanks for the question!