Friday, July 23, 2010

The Weekly Offworlder


Some of the most fascinating creatures I've encountered on Rynaga are Carapid. On Earth, these creatures would resemble gigantic insects. (Many of these creatures stand more than 12 feet high and some possess wing spans of over 40 feet.) On Rynaga, Carapid represent a vital force for balance in the natural world.

Carapid can be identified by several traits:
  1. They possess tough exoskeletons
  2. They build hives, often called nests
  3. They swarm together en masse every year
  4. They communicate using antennae
  5. They have a life span of 5-7 months
While their life spans are brief, they represent one of Rynaga's most abundant life forms. Carapid can be very dangerous while they're swarming, however each year these creatures are hunted and used for many things including food, medicine, armor, jewelry, weapons, glues, oils, dyes, thread making, utensils, shielding and more.

Carapid are found at sea, in the air, on the surface of the land as well as in the subterranean depths. Most of these creatures feed on lesser forms of Carapid, plant foliage, fruit and nectar. Feeding on humanoids is rare, but does occur, especially if their territories are trespassed upon at certain times during their swarming.

Carapid hunting has become a lucrative sport among many mercenaries looking to harvest valuable husks and shells from the creatures. Yet, each year, some of these hunters are lost to the Carapid hordes who defend their larvae at all costs. Apparently, a threatened nest queen or king is a terrible sight to behold.

Here's to hoping I never have to know firsthand.

For eons of time, Carapid have been plowing the soil, pollinating flowers and building great works of engineering across many lands of this world. Earthlings would look upon these creatures with fear, like something from a sci-fi nightmare. To the peoples of Rynaga, they only instill admiration and respect.

-Safe travels!

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