Monday, February 14, 2011

Iconica X-Series

To celebrate the launch of the new World of Rynaga Facebook Page, the first 25 people to "Like" us won a unique Iconica X-Series Character Card today.

What's the Iconica X-Series you ask?

Iconica X-Series Characters (or X-Cards for short) are unique characters which cannot be purchased. They are only made available as part of specific promotions and are not part of boxed sets.

Want the best chance to win an X-Card in the coming weeks? Follow @rynaga and @erictorres on Twitter to be kept up to date on future promotions.

-Game on!


  1. Will there be any other way (other than joining Facebook and Twitter) to get an X-Card? I have the entire first series and the book, would hate to miss out on something special just because I don't use social media.

  2. @John - Yes. Once our new website launches I'll be setting up a simple newsletter which will allow me to communicate with friends of Rynaga as well!