Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Inscriptions, Implications and Intrigue


Featherune, Veratar

To say I’m not intrigued by the inscription on the athite stone in Arcan’s possession would be an understatement. Arcan, Saycia and I discussed the implications of the inscription at length. Arcan is convinced that Solan knew about the engraving, while Saycia is skeptical.

Me, I tend to agree with Arcan. Before his disappearance, Solan had deciphered another message written in Lokma. It is possible he translated the stones inscription as well, but simply kept this fact to himself.

Did Solan enter the Shrinking Depths simply to explore the strange phenomenon there? Did he have inside knowledge as to some plot involving the place? Was he being blackmailed into going there? I think these questions will be answered in time, only if someone were to risk their own well-being to find Solan.

Most here think Solan is dead. Yet, Arcan is not ready to concede this. In fact, Arcan has suggested I go to Serenity and talk with Rea, Solan’s longtime girlfriend. It’s possible she has information we do not. After almost three years with no news of Solan’s whereabouts, she may be ready to share what she knows.

For now, I’ll remain with Arcan for another week or so before deciding my next road. The mystery of Solan’s disappearance has been a topic of much rumor and myth. It feels like we’re starting to unravel something.


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