Friday, October 14, 2011

A Ruse


Featherune, Veratar

Well, things change fast on Rynaga. Arcan was called out to support a search party. Turns out a family went missing two days ago along the road from Strata to Featherune. Saycia's guild mates arrived and she rode out this morning on an urgent assignment. From the looks of things I'm on my own again, for now.

Before he left, Arcan told me I could stay at his home as long as I wanted and we talked about meeting in Quena weeks from now in hopes of tracking down Dain, another former friend of Solan.

Dain used to live in Grynevia, but recently he and his wife decided to build a house on the western edge of Silentwood forest. Arcan suspects the two visit Quena every now and then for supplies, so tracking them down shouldn't be hard.

Today I'm making some arrangements for travel. Gathering up dried food. Sharpening blades. Packing tools. I took Grimora out for a ride this morning after having her ankle bracers refit. She seemed happy to get out of the stable for a while. I'm sure she'd be glad to know we'll be back on the road soon.


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