Friday, November 11, 2011

Grava and Dain


Quena, Veratar

Arcan and I paid a visit to a local Igwaza Trainer yesterday, in hopes of finding him a new riding mount. His current steed is a Quenan Igwaza named Grava. She's been a loyal friend to Arcan, but is in poor health now. A respiratory illness has left her with a wheezing cough, shortness of breath and lack of stamina; symptoms which mean slow, painful travels for beast and master alike.

We did not find a new mount for Arcan, but we did hear of some strange rumors. Dain, the associate of Solan we now seek, has not been seen in or around Quena for months. We spoke to no less than seven shop owners and the city gatekeeper without any record of Dain’s activity here. In addition, several travelers report seeing unmarked transport carriages on the roads east of Quena, which points to Dark Trader movements.

Controversy follows Dark Traders wherever they go, as they’re usually in possession of forbidden or dangerous wares in addition to common supplies. However, for them to be active so close to Quena’s jurisdiction suggests they have buyers in this area. Dain lives to the east of Quena, so perhaps he’s being supplied by these shadowy merchants for some reason.

We’ll keep searching for some clue as to Dain’s whereabouts here in town. If we can’t find information on him here, there’s only one other option: travel east to the edge of Silentwood to find him.


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