Friday, July 30, 2010

The Weekly Offworlder

Origins of the word "Rynaga"

The name Rynaga (pronounced rin-ah-gah) means two different things. In the tongue of the ancient Dahrian language, "ryn" means center and "na-ga" refers to fire. (The Dahrian are believed to be the eldest of races on Rynaga. I'll tell you more about them some other time.)

Age old Dahrian texts teach that Rynaga was formed around a "heart of fire." While our Earth is powered by the Sun, Rynaga's engine is its planetary core which gives off many different forms of energy, influencing everything from intense weather cycles to the growth of Rynaga's diverse lifeforms.

The Dahrian applied the meaning of the word Rynaga to themselves as a people, believing that each person must be centered and balanced, living with a heart that burns with compassion and a deep love of life. There is a Dahrian proverb that asks one to consider his own source of energy:

"A fire can burn the soul or warm the soul. A fire can take life or foster life. Which source of energy do you possess?"

So, while Earthlings might refer to a "Mother Earth", Rynagans refer to the "Heart of Fire." Rynaga is a self-sustaining world with a life-giving core.

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  1. I have a poem to share with you on this subject.

  2. @Kevin - Hey that's great. Feel free to share it with us!