Friday, August 6, 2010

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Notes on the Sidrani People

Among the five most common races populating Rynaga, the most widely dispersed are the Sidrani (sid-raw-nee). Hailing from the peaceful continent of Hyvalis, the Sidrani are a force for unity and goodwill. Sidrani city states are ruled by monarchy, with rule being passed down from parents to children. The capital government is supported by a cast of advisers, ambassadors, magistrates and guardians overseeing each Sidrani city state.

Sidrani values are rooted in the family structure. Loyalty, honor and respect of ones heritage are ideals held in the highest regard. In order to promote self-sustaining attributes in their young, most Sidrani children are trained in the art of concealment and basic self-defense. As they grow older, they are taught to hunt with the bow. They are also instructed in basic to advanced wilderness survival skills, which includes learning how to track prey, avoiding danger and identifying many forms of wild life, such as Carapid. On average, the Sidrani lifespan is about one hundred twenty years.

Sidrani are strong physically and fair skinned with dark hair and dark eyes. They are taller than Sarion, ranging in height from seven to eight feet tall. Sidrani have an affinity for the sea and its colors, which is reflected in their culture in many different ways. In fact, Sidrani cities such as Phaedra are known for being decorated in blues, golds and greens, colors often associated with the sea. Many Sidrani fables and stories tell of great civilizations and mythical creatures living beneath the ocean waves.

In recent decades, the Sidrani took the lead in unifying many of Veratar's people to work together. The Pact of One was the first step in reaching a common goal between races and creating a measure of peace across Veratar. While peace throughout Veratar is still a fragile thing, the Pact of One has made it more difficult for Sarion city states to impose their will on others. These expansionists do not recognize the Pact, its decrees or regulations. In view of this, the Sidrani keep a close eye on Sarion activities.

Most of the time I spend on Rynaga is with the Sidrani people. The stories I could tell of them are countless. Yet, the most important thing to know about these people is how strong they are inside. They are the very essence of balance, keeping emotion and logic in their proper places. My sense is this will serve them well in the coming years, just as it has throughout their history.

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