Friday, October 28, 2011

Point and Counter Point


Road to Quena, Veratar

My stay in Treehook was brief, but before I left I had a chance to interview a few people regarding Solan’s disappearance within the Shrinking Depths and the many resulting rumors. The comments of one Sidrani couple (Garyt and Celia) offer differing opinions as to what should be done to find the missing explorer.

Me: "Is an expedition to find Solan in order? After all, he’s one of your most important historical figures."

Garyt: “An expedition is needed. Solan may have perished, yet he deserves our efforts in view of all his deeds on behalf of society. A skilled search team must be hired, many supplies will be needed and a camp should be set up at the cave’s entrance ensuring no outsiders could impede the search. I’d volunteer myself if I was more fit for adventuring!”

Celia: “I disagree with my husband on this. We all know the Shrinking Depths to be a place of mystery at best, and death at worst. It’s better for us to memorialize Solan as a great man and let his disappearance serve as a warning for others who would intrude upon that place.”

This is how many of my inquires of the common folk here go. For every person favorable to such a mission, a practical voice intercedes with valid counter points. I wonder what you think about this? Me, I’m torn on the subject, but lean towards a search.

I rode out of Treehook a day and a half ago and should arrive in Quena today, after which I’ll search for lodging, good food and good ale. Arcan will be meeting me here within the next day or so, if he is not delayed.


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