Saturday, October 22, 2011

Tea in Treehook


Treehook, Veratar

Grimora and I arrived in Treehook without incident. Situated at the hilly base of the Zelia Mountain Range, Treehook’s elevation offers excellent views of the surrounding countryside. The town itself is bustling with small time merchants, traders and hunters. In general, there’s more going on here per square foot than in Featherune this time of year.

The reason for all the activity is related to preparations for the Tempestua, a slow moving weather phenomenon which blows in from the sea bringing cold winds, freezing rain and hail. During this time, airship travel is suspended for about three cycles months. So, pilots and passengers are busy preparing for their final journeys.

I’m sitting outside at a small eatery looking up at Hallon Hill where several large airships sit tied down to the ground. Walking up the hill are men, women and children carrying their belongings. Pilots stand motioning as a few Kirzan men (probably Anchors) walk around inspecting airship mooring lines.

As I sip some Karanae Tea, I wonder where these travelers are off to, what their lives are like and what they would think of our world. It takes them days to reach their destinations, for us it takes hours. They live in a world where no one knows what is happening across the sea, our televisions let us see all. They’ve never held an iDevice or laptop, while many on Earth would be lost without such gadgets.

I’ll stay in Treehook for another couple of days and then ride for Quena. It’s not too far from Treehook (due south). If all goes well, Arcan is supposed to meet me there within a weeks time.


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