Thursday, February 10, 2011

Iconica Series Two - UPDATE

Over the past several months we've changed some of the direction we're taking for Iconica Series Two, so this post is an update to previous information I've posted here back in May of 2010.

Iconica Series Two - Sanctum

The first Iconica set was named Prelude, after my first book. As announced in May of 2010, the next Iconica series will indeed be named Sanctum.

Those of you familiar with the stories set within Rynaga may be wondering: "Why is this series named Sanctum?" Well, here's some general backstory for you.

After realizing the dangerous course of action taken by the Sarion government against the native peoples of Rynaga, a large group of Sarion citizens separate themselves from their ruling parties and the Legion agenda. In doing so these rebels are banished and put under penalty of death should they be found roaming Sarion lands.

While resolute in their decision to abandon their governments ideals, the exiles face much hardship. Families are separated, Sarion townships are thrown into chaos and city states suffer economically. As a show of solidarity and rebirth, these former Sarion citizens - made up of farmers, merchants, freelancers, soldiers and even ruling officials - rename themselves Saraja, which loosely translates to "a people remade" in the ancient Dahrian language.

After some time existing as a nomadic people, the Saraja settle within a region of Veratar they come to refer to as Sanctum. Here they cultivate good relationships with the native peoples and gain the trust of their neighbors. Eventually, the lands of Sanctum commit themselves to an alliance with the Protectorate states, putting them on a collision course with the ideals of their former kinsmen.

Development Updates for Series Two

Previously, it was thought that the archetypical Saraja protector might be called a Knight. Yet, after further consideration this approach seemed too plain and too predictable. Where possible, we want to infuse unique sounding characters into our stories. So based on the world lore and back story content, we've decided to create a new archetype called the Haladron.

Haladron are armored fighters which patrol the lands of Sanctum. There are several different types of Haladron and they're comprised of both men and women. While it is possible for anyone to become part of a Haladron fellowship, admittance is granted only after candidates complete three quests. (More about this another time.)

Back in May 2010, I had announced that Sanctum would be a new Faction. This direction has also changed. Sanctum affiliated characters will be part of the Protectorate Faction. This is more in line with the world lore and helps maintain a good balance between factions as the game grows.

Release Information

Iconica Series Two is more than halfway done in terms of content creation and I plan to have all of the cards done by the end of Winter. 

I plan to release the complete Iconica Series Two at this years Phoenix Comicon in May. Here are the different ways you'll be able to aquire the new characters:

New Iconica Starter Set - A new Iconica Starter Set with six new cards from the Sanctum series will be released. This will give newcomers to the game an opportunity to experience the game on a smaller scale, just like the Prelude Starter did. (The six character cards in the previous Prelude Starter Set will be available for individual purchase once series two is released.)

New Iconica Series Two Boxed Set - A new boxed set for Iconica Series Two will be released. There will be a price break over buying each card individually.

Individual Iconica Cards - Each card in series one and series two will be available for individual purchase. In addition, there will be other cards released which are not part of boxed sets. In fact, they are not numbered as part of a series and are released randomly.

Let me know if you have any questions. Check back again this week for the lineup of series two characters! If you have not yet, consider following Rynaga on Twitter. I send out alerts via Twitter letting followers know when new information is released.

As always, thanks so much for your support!

-Safe travels!

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